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MCU: is Deadpool immortal?

Deadpool is soon set to enter the MCU with Deadpool 3. But what sets Deadpool apart from other MCU characters is that fact that he might just be immortal

MCU: Is Deadpool immortal?

Is Deadpool immortal in the MCU? Where to start with Deadpool? Famously portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the X-Men movie universe, Deadpool has been delighting audiences ever since his cinematic introduction.

So far, the MCU character has two superhero movies of his own, which blend brutal violence and jet-black humour to create something that feels truly unique, and distinct from other comic book action movies. The character will appear next in Deadpool 3, where he will be joined by Hugh Jackman in his final appearance as the famous mutant Wolverine (we’ve heard that before).

But what do we know about the characters powers? In the comics, and in the comedy movies, Deadpool is a deadly combatant with excellent reflexes and superhuman strength. He’s also more than tough to kill thanks to his healing abilities, but is Deadpool actually immortal?

Is Deadpool immortal in the MCU?

Deadpool is, technically, immortal in the MCU. Immortality is not one of his mutant powers per se, however Deadpool does have the power of constant healing and self-regeneration. These abilities were triggered when Deadpool developed cancer.

Since then, Deadpool’s cells have been constantly regenerating themselves which prevents his death from the disease, and also heals him quickly from wounds. This effectively makes Deadpool immortal, because his cells don’t age thanks to his cell-regeneration abilities.

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In the Marvel comics, Deadpool is still alive in the far reaches of the future over 800 years after the present day. And, in the comics again Thanos himself referenced the mutant’s eternal lifespan.

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