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Who is Spider’s father in Avatar 2?

When Jake Sully and the Na'vi chased the humans off Pandor in Avatar 1 they left behind a child who grew up to become the wild boy Spider, but who's his dad?

Who is Spider’s father in Avatar 2?

Who is Spider’s father in Avatar 2? When Jake Sully and the Na’vi chased the humans off Pandora at the end of the first Avatar movie, they were in quite a rush. As a result, they forgot a couple of things, including it, turns out at least one baby.

This child grew up amongst the Na’vi and became known as Spider, an unofficial member of the Sully family. Of course, one of the big questions in the new James Cameron movie is, ‘who is Spider’s dad‘? Well, don’t worry we’ve got the answer for you.

Who is Spider’s father?

Spider’s father is the human Colonel Miles Quaritch, aka the villain of the first movie. Spider actually shares the same name as his father “Miles,” and grows close to the new Na’vi Quaritch through the events of Avatar 2.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t see Spider in the first Avatar movie, it’s handwaved by Quaritch himself, who admits he “wasn’t the best father” to Miles when he was a human.

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