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Mike Flanagan might love monologues more than his wife

In a new lighthearted TikTok, legendary filmmaker Mike Flanagan, who is behind projects like the Haunting of Hill House, joked about his love of monologues

mike flanagan holding dr sleep

You’d think that a loving wife would be at the centre of your Flanaverse. But according to Mike Flanagan, who alongside making some of the best horror series of all time, is also a really funny TikToker, there’s one thing in particular that he may well love more than his wife. Rambling monologues.

In a tongue-in-cheek TikTok to his 51,000 followers, Flanagan says in response to a follower’s question that he, of course, loves his wife Kate Siegel more, to which she replies, “Aw, thanks honey!” But then, amid an awkward silence, a dark realisation dawned on Kate. “You’re gonna do one are you?” she sighed.

Cue the dramatic score from one of his most popular Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House, as he parodies the lengthy monologues that have become an infamous part of his projects. “I remember when I first met Kate,” he began, as the score swelled and the camera continued to zoom in. “They say you never see those moments coming. The ones that change everything and they’re right.”

Flanagan continued; “They don’t fall from the sky and a flash of lightning and fate no life turns on casual moments hidden in some idle Tuesday. Love is so much more than a moment or word. It started with raindrops on a windshield and a pair of oceanic blue eyes not Pacific Blue but Atlantic blue in the winter…”

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It’s always funny to see directors poke fun at their own creations, and fans made it clear in the comments that they found the horror movie maestro’s monologue hilarious. “Mike, you can’t help yourself!” One commenter remarked. “You are so iconic,” another added. “Never stop slaying, king.”

Personally, we hope Mike never stops slaying either, and if you want to keep up with his latest project, check out our guide to his upcoming TV series, the Fall of the House of Usher.