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Mike Flanagan thinks this is his best Flanaverse project

Horror movie director Mike Flanagan has shared his pick for his personal favourite Flanaverse movie or series, and it's a fairly big surprise

Rebecca Ferguson in Doctor Sleep

Mike Flanagan, the creator of the Flanaverse, has shared his pick for what he believes to be his best horror movie or TV series – and it’s quite the surprise. Flanagan is one of the biggest names in horror right now, and he has reshaped the horror landscape with his landmark Netflix series and creative horror movies.

He is perhaps best known for his dialogue heavy, drama-filled horror pieces which tend not to rely too much on jump scares as a source of fear. The director has been so prolific in recent years, and created so many series, that Netflix recently devoted an entire space on their platform to him called the Flanaverse.

The Flanaverse is a collection of his many movies and TV series, and is an excellent place to start for anyone looking to delve deeper into his work. Now, Flanagan has shared what his personal favourite Flanaverse project is.

Taking to Twitter, Flanagan replied to a fan who had asked for suggestions about what Flanaverse series to watch next. Flanagan said “Midnight Mass (my personal favorite)… hope you enjoy them all!”

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So, there you have it. The horror fantasy series Midnight Mass is Flanagan’s pick for his best movie or series. What’s moderately surprising about that is that fans of the director might have expected his sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, to be up there as it was one of his most high-profile projects. Or, alternatively, one of the two Haunting Of series, because it’s clear that he enjoys working within that framework.

But nonetheless Midnight Mass is an excellent pick, and we absolutely agree with Flanagan that it’s his best, most complete, and most thematically complex project to date. For more Flanagan fun, take a look at our guide to his next series with our Fall of the House of Usher release date breakdown.