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Who is Kiri’s father in Avatar 2?

One of the biggest mysteries James Cameron presents us with in Avatar 2 The Way of Water is the identity of Kiri's father so who might it be?

Who is Kiri's father in Avatar 2?

Who is Kiri’s father in Avatar 2? Avatar 2 introduces us to Kiri, the adopted daughter of Jake Sully and Neytiri and the story of Kiri’s birth is a complicated one.

She was born from Grace Augustine’s (Sigourney Weaver) avatar after the good doctor died, and the dad’s identity is a mystery to the Sully family. The James Cameron movie gives us at least one theory about who the father might be but does Kiri learn who her dad is during Avatar 2?

Who is Kiri’s father in Avatar 2?

We do not learn the identity of Kiri’s father in Avatar 2. The only person named as a potential suspect is Doctor Norm Spellman, who also has a Na’vi avatar and could, in theory, at least have had a relationship with Grace that we didn’t see onscreen.

Kiri does attempt to ask her mother — whose consciousness lives on in Pandora’s neural network — who her father is, but she suffers a seizure before Grace can answer her question.

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