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Top Gun 2 actor teases “miracle” as action movie returns to theatres

Somehow, Top Gun 2 has returned to theatres, and actor Glen Powell has described the action movie's incredible success as a "miracle"

Glen Powell as Hangman in Top Gun 2

One of the biggest cinematic success stories of 2022 is undoubtedly the relentless popularity of Top Gun 2. The Tom Cruise movie has spent pretty much the whole year in theatres, and it isn’t done yet!

Nobody expected the sequel to a cheesy ‘80s movie to be quite as good as Top Gun: Maverick managed to be, and certainly no one expected the action movie to be the highest-grossing movies of the year. Well, maybe Tom Cruise did, but he doesn’t count.

As the film prepares to return to theatres once more, in time for the festive period, Top Gun cast member Glen Powell has tweeted about the enduring success of the thriller movie.

On November 29, Powell tweeted: “Top Gun: Maverick headed back to theatres this weekend for two weeks… Miracle one: May 27, Miracle two: Dec 2.”

Powell is, of course, referencing the back-to-back miracles required for the mission to be a success in Top Gun: Maverick. At this point, we’re not sure what the more impressive miracle is, though. The fact the movie has spent practically half the year in cinemas is certainly unprecedented.

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If you haven’t seen Top Gun 2 in cinemas yet, change that while you can. In fact, even if you have seen it already, go again. It’s worth it, and if you don’t believe me, check out our Top Gun 2 review for all the reasons why you should watch this film on the biggest screen possible.

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