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Stranger Things star explains how he avoids creepy fans

Finn Wolfhard is now old enough to give out advice to a new generation, which certainly makes us Stranger Things fans feel very old

Stranger Things cast: Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler

It only seems like yesterday that the Netflix series Stranger Things first hit the small screen, but the baby-faced stars of the hit show are not babies any more. In fact, Finn Wolfhard is now giving out advice to a whole new generation of young actors, which makes us feel very old.

The fantasy series has become an absolute behemoth of popular culture, and after its impressive fourth season, it’s safe to say Stranger Things is not just a great horror series but is right up there as one of the best TV series of all time.

The success of the show has catapulted its young stars to worldwide fame, and with that comes a small section of creepy fans. Luckily, Wolfhard knows exactly how to deal with that, as he revealed in a new interview with AP Entertainment.

Gregory Mann, Wolfhard’s young co-star from the new stop-motion animated movie Pinocchio, was part of the interview and he was asked if the Stranger Things star had given him any advice.

“There is one thing, I asked you about social media and like, when people are a bit weird or creepy, and you told me just not to look at social media,” Mann explained. Wolfhard then adds: “Yeah, never go into your DMs and never go into message requests – that’s what you don’t want to do. Social media can be fun sometimes, but also don’t take it too seriously.”

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Shrewd advice indeed. Throughout the last six years, Wolfhard has become increasingly famous thanks to the sci-fi series Stranger Things, and has also appeared in the horror movie It, so he knows a thing or two about intense fandoms.

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