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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, The Gammas explained

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero brings a couple of crafty new vaillains to the anime series, and we've got the lowdown on the wily Gammas

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: Gammas explained

Who are the Gammas? Ever since Dragon Ball Super hit our screens, it’s given us a slew of iconic new anime villains. From Beerus, the God of Destruction, to Jiren, the most powerful being in the multiverse, each and every one of these bad guys pushed the Z-Fighters in new and exciting ways.

Now, though, two new villains have emerged to challenge our heroes in the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The Gammas are two of the most powerful foes the Z-Fighters have ever faced, and to make matters worse, Vegeta and Goku are off-world training. Can Gohan and Piccolo step up and protect the Earth?

But who are these deadly twins? Where have they come from? And who is their master? Well, don’t worry if you have got questions about The Gammas; we have got answers. Here’s everything you need to know about these ruthless new Dragon Ball Z characters. Warning spoilers ahead for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The Gammas explained

Gamma-1 and Gamma-2 are androids created by Dr Hedo to serve the resurrected Red Ribbon Army and destroy the Z-Fighters. Both were modelled on the superheroes of Hedo’s youth which is why they wear capes and explains why the Gammas have such a strong sense of justice.

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You see, unlike the numbered androids created by Dr Gero, The Gammas aren’t truly evil. They’re more misguided, and both eventually turn on their creators when they realise how cruel the Red Ribbon army really is. Ultimately Gamma-2 sacrifices himself to try and destroy Max Cell and finally dies while Gamma-1 takes a job at Capsule Corps.

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How strong are The Gammas?

The Gammas are the strongest androids ever created (Aside from Max Cell). Both were capable of fighting potential unleashed Gohan and Piccolo with Gamma-2 pushing the Namekian so far he had to transform to win.

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Both androids are incredibly powerful, with Piccolo speculating they’re as strong as Goku and Vegeta, although this isn’t proven during the movie.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is in theatres now.