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Doctor Strange 2 merchandise may have leaked the movie’s villain

Clue about Doctor Strange's main nemesis in the Multiverse of Madness appears in tie-in merchandise

It’s surprising how often superhero fans pick up on details of upcoming franchise movies from Lego sets and other tie-in merch. Glimpses and tidbits of information about villains, sidekicks and all sorts of other background details can come from the most surprising places and in this case – it’s a colouring book and jigsaw puzzle! An Australian online bookstore may have given Marvel movie fans a sneak-peak at Stephen Strange’s main nemesis in the upcoming sequel – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

It has been rumoured for some time that the Kaiju-like Shuma-Gorath might be the main villain in Doctor Strange 2, which is eagerly anticipated, not least because it’s directed by Sam Raimi.

We know that Spider-Man: No Way Home will feature Strange sending Peter Parker back in time – so he can live in a reality where his identity has yet to be revealed. We also know that something goes wrong during the casting of Strange’s spell and it leads to the creation of a multiverse. This is likely something that Strange is still contending with in the “multiverse of madness.”

The speculation about who Doctor Strange will face in the sequel has been rife for some time, as the presence of Raimi means that the film is being touted as a scary movie. Due to this, one theory as to the main villain is Nightmare, and another is an evil-version of Scarlet Witch, as Elizabeth Olsen is confirmed to appear. However, reports started circling in May that Elder God Shuma-Gorath would be the big bad.

According to an image on Australian site Booktopia, this could be the case, as the packaging depicts Doctor Strange battling a tentacled-creature with green skin and one enormous yellow and red eye. Like many movies, Doctor Strange 2 has been pushed back by the continuing pandemic and this is not the first time that this has led to leaks-via-merch.

We don’t know if the sequel will lean into the visual weirdness that the Doctor Strange comics have to offer, but the presence of a one-eyed green tentacled creature is certainly promising.