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Doctor Who fans call new Weeping Angels episode a “classic”

Doctor Who fans consider the latest episode of the sci-fi series a modern classic, praising it as one of Jodie Whittaker's best

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans have called the latest episode of the long-running sci-fi series a modern classic, praising it as one of the best of Jodie Whittaker’s run. Village of the Angels saw the 13th Doctor finally face off against the iconic and murderous Weeping Angels as they invaded a small English village.

Critics have raved about the episode calling it one of the scariest of showrunner Chris Chibnall’s tenure. The Guardian’s Martin Belam called it a “stunning episode” with plenty of jumpscares and a jaw-dropping final twist. Patrick Mulkern of the Radio Times was similarly effusive describing it as “a stone-cold classic” and heaping praise on the episode.

“Thrilling storytelling, faultless production, terrific performances and a jaw-dropping conclusion… in sum, or by multiplication,” he wrote. This is several orders of magnitude greater than anything that has Fluxed before.” Critics aside, fans were also delighted with the episode and took to social media to express their enthusiasm for what some are calling “the best episode of Doctor Who in a long time”.

Check out fan reactions to new Doctor Who here:

Doctor Who series 13, aka Doctor Who: Flux is a departure from the TV series modern format. Unlike the rest of the revived series, Flux is telling one continuous story. So far we’ve seen the universe get flipped on its head by something known as the Flux. This wave of energy destroys anything and everything in its path.

The destruction seems to be related to the character Swarm and his sister Azure who claim to have battled the Doctor long ago. Unfortunately, the Doctor doesn’t remember this battle as those memories were stolen from her by the Division – a shadowy organisation that intervenes in history when they deem it necessary.

The Doctor, in a previous regeneration (we think, regeneration is confusing), used to work for this group but they erased her knowledge of it when she left the organisation. Flux has generally been well received so far and currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 88%.

Doctor Who: Flux will be followed by three specials that will see the 13th Doctor regenerate and Jodie Whitaker and Chris Chibnall leave the series. Russell T Davies, the man who revived Doctor Who for modern fans, is set to take back over as showrunner.