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Sony’s home theatre Blu-Ray player with in-built streaming is now 40% cheaper for Black Friday

The Sony UBP- X700M 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-ray Player is now down to just $148 in Amazon's Black Friday sale.

A Sony Ultra HD Streaming Blu-ray Player sitting on somebody's entertainment unit. It looks like a nice house. To the top left of the frame is a Black Friday flag.

Streaming platforms are great. Raise your hand if, like us, you’ve ended up blitzing through countless hours of the many great TV series available on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, or one of the many other available streaming services. (Don’t worry, you’re in good company – at this point, we’re on first-name terms with the “Are you still watching?” pop-up.). But they have their pitfalls: one minute you’re an episode from the end of a beloved sitcom, the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ couple are just about to kiss, and then BOOM – its license expires and it’s taken down, potentially for good. That’s why the best home entertainment centres have both streaming and Blu-ray functionality, so you can still enjoy the physical box set even if the digital one’s disappeared. If that sounds like your kind of solution, the Sony UBP- X700M 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-ray Player is now 40% off on Amazon for Black Friday, bringing the price down to just $148.

The player’s 4K SDR converter provides an almost ‘realer than real’ level of picture quality (even on non-HDR TVs) and can help you to feel even more deeply immersed in your favourite movies and TV shows. If you’re watching something that doesn’t have 4K picture quality, it will upscale it up to 60p, helping to enhance literally everything that you might watch on it.

It’s compatible with lots of different media too. Want to use it to play music? Well, go ahead. Want to watch some of your standard DVDs? That won’t be a problem. Downloaded a few movies on your laptop? They can be transferred and watched on the big screen. It’s compatible with just about every disc and file format.

With family gatherings for the holiday season on the horizon for a lot of people, Sony’s Home Theatre Blu-ray Streaming Device could be a good investment. It can help to ensure that your favourite Christmas movies (such as Home Alone) can be easily accessed on the big screen so that you can all snuggle up and enjoy some seasonal magic together. It comes packaged with its own HDMI cable too, so no need to worry about having to buy an extra cable.

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We’re not sure how long this discount is going to run for, though. Black Friday deals are notoriously short-lived. They’re the mayflies of the deals world, by which we mean, they often have a lifespan of only one day, so if you want to get it, you better act fast.

If you’re thinking about getting a new Blu-ray player, you might want to get a few new Blu-rays to watch on it too (especially if you don’t have any at present). Well, with it being Black Friday, deals are aplenty and we’ve gathered together a few of the best Blu-ray discounts below:

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