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Morbius trailer may tease future of Spider-Man after MCU trilogy

The new Morbius trailer may hint at the future direction of Spider-Man after the Homecoming trilogy is done

Spider-man and Morbius

The new Morbius trailer may hint at the future direction of Spider-Man after the Homecoming trilogy is done. It’s no secret that the Wallcrawler is in a transitory phase right now. Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is out of the contract once No Way Home is released and the future of the character is up in the air.

While it’s likely Holland will continue to play Spidey, and he’ll probably remain part of the MCU, there are big questions about what’s next for Marvel’s most popular superhero. After all, the character can’t stay in high school forever, nor can he stay in the shadow of Iron Man forever.

It seems, though, that the groundwork is already being laid for the next stage in Spidey’s life. During a blink, and you’ll miss it snippet in the Morbius trailer, we get a beautiful sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline. One of those buildings has the word Horizon emblazoned on it along with the logo of a rising sun.

Long time comic readers will, of course, recognise the logo immediately as the symbol of Horizon Labs. First introduced by Dan Slott, during his widely celebrated ‘Big Time’ arc, Horizon is a cutting edge tech firm based in New York City that recruits geniuses from across the world to build a better tomorrow.

One of those geniuses? None other than Peter Parker himself. While working at Horizon, Peter invented several incredible gadgets that allowed him to make a difference not just as Spider-Man but also as a civilian. Of course, with access to a high tech laboratory, Peter managed to be a better Spider-Man as well, building weapons, tools, and suits that made him a better superhero.

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With MCU’s Spidey about to leave high school and enter a new stage in his life, Horizon would be the perfect next step for the Web-Slinger. Firstly it would avoid the photographer job that we’ve already seen, give Peter a brand new supporting cast, and best of all, get him out of the shadow of Tony Stark.

Holland’s Peter has always been portrayed as a smart cookie, but let’s be honest with Tony Stark in his corner; he’s never really been pushed to develop his own technology. Horizon would give the character the means to start working out his big brain in ways other silver-screen Spidey’s haven’t before.

The monster movie Morbius bursts into theatres January 28, 2022.