Best celebrity Halloween costumes 2021

Lil Nas X dressed as Voldemort

The great and good of TV, film, and music celebrated Halloween this weekend, and it looks like a lot of them really got into the spooky spirit. Yes, across the land, stars swapped their designer clothes for creepy costumes, disgusting disguises, and revolting regalia.

We here at The Digital Fix love Halloween (it’s a great excuse to watch the best horror movies), so we’ve scoured the web to bring you the best Halloween costumes from the weekend. Right off the bat, we have to start with Megan Thee Stallion, who embraced her inner hedonist and dressed as our favourite cenobite Pinhead. While Megan looked incredible, we’re just delighted to see a much-maligned ’80s movie icon get a chance to shine.

Singer Lizzo meanwhile used Halloween as a way to embrace her inner child, dressing as Star Wars character Baby Yoda. With a face full of green makeup and a replica of Grogu’s adorable little coat, Lizzo was unrecognisable. That said, she’s previously admitted to being obsessed with the diminutive little force user, so true fans probably knew who it was.

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Lil Nas X probably wins the scariest Halloween costume of 2021. The rapper and musician donned the green robes of Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort, and he looked absolutely terrifying.  Ralph Fiennes might have competition the next time the Dark Lord makes a big-screen appearance.

Still, the night’s real winner was Steve Buscemi. The veteran actor went very meta and dressed a meme, specifically the “hello fellow kids” meme that he made famous in the TV series 30 Rock.

Halloween may be over but the scares don’t have to stop. Check out our list of the best ghost movies for more gruesome fun.

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Updated: Nov 01, 2021

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