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Riz Ahmed’s new sci-fi movie Encounter gets a mysterious new trailer

Amazon have released a new trailer for science-fiction movie Encounter starring Riz Ahmed

A new trailer has been released for upcoming Amazon original science fiction movie Encounter, starring Riz Ahmed. Amazon Studios will release the film, which features Ahmed as a father trying to protect his two sons, in US theatres on December 3, 2021 and on Prime Video on December 10, 2021.

The film had a festival run at Toronto and London Film Festivals earlier this year. It co-stars Octavia Spencer and the synopsis reads; “A decorated Marine goes on a rescue mission to save his two young sons from a mysterious threat. As their journey takes them in increasingly dangerous directions, the boys will need to leave their childhoods behind.”

While the threat posed to the family is not made explicit in the Encounter trailer, there is some suggestion that it is alien in nature. It’s also unclear whether the film takes place in the present day or in a dystopian future. Ahmed’s character could also just be imagining the whole thing…so it appears that the film works as a mystery thriller as much as science-fiction.

The trailer can be viewed here;

It begins with Malik (Ahmed) saying that it’s been two years since he’s seen his children and that he’s “heading out on another secret mission.” He says that he needs to keep fighting to protect his kids. Malik collects his sons and takes them on a ‘road trip,’ but later says “this ain’t a road trip, it’s a rescue mission.”

An FBI agents says (presumably of the family); “they have no idea of the danger that they’re in.” Hattie (Octavia Spencer) is seen saying; “if we do this thing right, you will always be a hero to your sons” to Malik over the phone. Malik calls himself and his sons ‘the three musketeers’ and they are seen in an isolated desert environment, training to protect themselves.

The only real hint at anything alien is something strange swarming or flickering in people’s pupils, bugs crawling up a wall and some kind of black substance on Malik’s skin. The film is directed by Michael Pearce, who made the psychological thriller Beast, starring Johnny Flynn and Jessie Buckley. He certainly seems to be leaning into the family drama here, as well as the psychological aspects.

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