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Angelina Jolie wants to do more MCU crossover movies

Angelina Jolie has said she is open to returning to her Marvel character of Thena, but only if with the rest of the Eternals 'family'

Angelina Jolie wants to reclaim the concept of family from a certain car-based franchise and bring it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, the only reason she signed on to play Thena in Eternals was to be part of a family. Therefore, she has no desire to do a solo Thena movie.

However, Jolie would be open to returning to the character and “popping up in other Marvel movies.” Speaking to Brazilian outlet CinePop [and reported in Collider], she said; “I loved being part of the family, so I have no desire to separate from the family.”

Jolie continued; “But I would be happy to play her [Thena] again and explore even more deeply the struggles that she has. I think it’s fun thinking of where they’ve [the Eternals] been over the years. We’ve got thousands of years worth of material. We can take her anywhere.”

The idea of all ten Eternals gate-crashing other Marvel movies is an amusing one, but Jolie would be up for it; “I think that’s fun and I like the idea that we can pop up somewhere, maybe in other Marvel movies.”

Chloe Zhao’s Eternals has opened to mixed reviews and generated much discussion, due to it being ‘rotten’ on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Even Thor: The Dark World has a ‘fresh’ rating on the site. This is most likely due to post-Endgame Marvel fatigue and down to the fact that pandemic-related delays have led to four Marvel movies and four Marvel TV shows all being (or are about to be) released during 2021.

So far this year – Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals have been released in cinemas and on Disney Plus – with Spider-Man: No Way Home due in December. On Disney Plus, we have had the TV spin-off shows WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and we have Hawkeye coming later this month.

The future of the MCU has never been more uncertain, so we cannot rule out there being an Eternals 2 or at least some of the characters “popping up” in other Marvel movies. Jolie may well get her wish to done the blonde wig and metallic suit once more.