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Jake Gyllenhaal may be starring in Road House reboot

Road House reboot looks to be hotting up, with star Jake Gyllenhall and director Doug Liman circling the project

A remake of the 80s classic action movie Road House (which starred Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott) is hotting up, with star Jake Gyllenhaal and director Doug Liman circling the project. Executives at MGM are “meeting with writers to rewrite a previous draft and view the film as a high priority” – according to Deadline.

The fabulously-named Rowdy Herrington’s Road House was released in 1989, with Patrick Swayze playing James – a ‘cooler’ – employed to keep the peace at notorious dive bar. Sam Elliott plays a bouncer and mentor to James and Kelly Lynch plays Doc, James’ love-interest.

The original theatrical release of Road House was not particularly successful, but it did well on home video and on cable – where it started to gather a cult following. MGM have been playing around with the Road House format for some time, including mooting Ronda Rousey in the lead role – but this idea was ultimately shelved.

Jake Gyllenhaal currently has fifteen upcoming projects listed on his IMDb page, with his name being attached to a huge roster of action and thriller movies. Michael Bay’s The Ambulance is set for 2022 release, as is The Division, a pandemic film which co-stars Jessica Chastain.

Gyllenhaal has also been cast as Robert Evans, opposite Oscar Isaac as Francis Ford Coppola in Barry Levinson’s Francis and The Godfather. He is due to start filming Guy Ritchie’s The Interpreter in January 2022, so it is unclear where Road House will slot into all of this.

Doug Liman’s pandemic film Locked Down starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway was released on HBO Max in 2020. He is due to start shooting his George Mallory-Everest movie soon and is preparing to film the first movie shot in space with – you guessed it – Tom Cruise. Liman is also rumoured to be working on a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow (AKA Live, Die, Repeat) called Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat.

Both Gyllenhaal and Liman are so busy, it’s hard to imagine where Road House will fit into their schedules, but they have both expressed interest in the action movie remake.