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Dwayne Johnson gives truck to navy veteran fan in heart-warming video

Action movie star Dwayne Johnson has given away his personal truck to navy veteran fan in a heart-warming video

Dwayne Johnson gives away a truck

It turns out that Dwayne Johnson doesn’t just have the biggest biceps in Hollywood he’s also got the biggest heart. Yes, the action movie star doesn’t just spend his time breaking Netflix streaming records. He also likes to break our hearts with incredible acts of charity.

Johnson recently made one man’s day when he gave him his own truck. The Red Notice star took to Instagram to explain why he felt compelled to help out one of his fans. “I invited fans to a special theatre screening of Red Notice,” he wrote. “I wanted to do something cool for all of them…I also wanted to do something big… something massive… something unforgettable for one fan.”

His original idea was to give away the Porsche that he drives in the Netflix movie. Unfortunately, the German car manufacturer said no. Johnson then had a brainwave, he couldn’t give away the car he drives in the comedy movie, but he could give away the car he drives in real life. But who would he give the car to?

The Rock then, somehow, managed to get the life story of everyone attending his fan screening and worked out who he thought was the most deserving.

Enter Oscar Rodriguez, a Navy veteran and personal trainer who looks after his 75-year-old mother, serves as a church leader and provides support and meals for women victimized by domestic violence.


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Yeah, no one else stood a chance.

In the video Johnson shared, we see Rodriguez’s growing excitement at getting to meet The Rock. When the former wrestler explains he’s giving him his truck, though, he breaks down in tears. Rodriguez later shared a post on Instagram saying: “I have no words to express how blessed and grateful I am.”

The Rock perhaps put it best when he said, “He deserves a lot more than my personal truck.” If you can’t get enough of Johnson, check out our guide on the best adventure movies, or if you prefer your Rock quick and angry, then we have a complete Fast and the Furious timeline for your perusal.