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Jason Momoa says he feels “fine” after testing positive for Covid-19

Jason Momoa, star of Aquaman 2 and Dune, tells fans he's "doing fine" after testing positive for Covid-19

Jason Momoa says he feels "fine" after testing positive for Covid-19

Jason Momoa, star of Aquaman and Dune, has confirmed that he has tested positive for Covid-19. However, the actor quickly reassured fans via social media that he is “doing fine” despite contracting the virus, and is currently safely isolating in his house.

Taking to Instagram, Momoa posted a video (which has since been shared on TikTok) updating his followers on his health, and hinted that he may have contracted the virus after attending the in-person premiere for Denis Villeneuve’s new science fiction movie Dune. “I got hit with Covid right after the premiere,” Momoa – who plays Duncan Idaho in Villeneuve’s film – explained. “There’s a lot of people I met in England. Got a lot of aloha from people, and who knows.”

“Either way, I’m doing fine,” the star continued. “Thank you for all your concern and love. Yeah, I’m just camped out in my house.” According to The Sun, Momoa’s positive Covid-19 test may affect the filming for the upcoming DCEU movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, in which the star plays the titular Atlantean superhero.

“Jason is fine luckily and is now isolating after getting a positive test,” the source told the publication. “But it’s a real headache for the film’s bosses, who are now worrying about having to delay their tight filming schedule.”

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“Of course, the safety of everyone working on the film is the most important thing, and everyone is tested regularly. They are hoping this is a one-off and that they can work around Jason and continue filming on the production,” the source continued. “Everyone is wishing him a speedy recovery, and they’re looking forward to having him back on set.”

Currently, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to hit theatres on December 16, 2022. Dune: Part Two is set to release on October 10, 2023. While we wait on more aquatic and spicey updates, here is our list of the best adventure movies.