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Clifford the Big Red Dog sets big red streaming record for Paramount Plus

Clifford The Big Red Dog is the most-watched original film on Paramount Plus

The oversized dog has become an oversized hit! Clifford the Big Red Dog has set a streaming record for Paramount Plus, as well as doing well at the box office – coming in second to Eternals with a $22 million opening.

There has been some discussion in the media recently about how reliable streaming figures are when they are released by the streaming services themselves. Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds’ action-comedy Red Notice is apparently Netflix’s biggest ever opening day for a film.

Netflix have also released a new metric that measures its most-viewed films and series by the amount of hours users spend watching them. Red Notice has been watched for almost 150 million hours, according to this metric.

And now Paramount Plus are saying that Clifford the Big Red Dog is the most-watched original film on Paramount Plus, with the monstrous maroon mutt even managing to hound out the poor pups of Paw Patrol: The Movie.

“Clifford the Big Red Dog has wagged his way into the hearts and watchlists of Paramount Plus subscribers,” said Tanya Giles, Chief Programming Officer, ViacomCBS Streaming. “The film’s incredible performance on Paramount Plus speaks to the power of entertainment for families to enjoy together, and we look forward to continuing to bring our subscribers more exclusive family-friendly offerings.”

Paramount Plus didn’t reveal any actual figures as to how many people have experienced the cumbersome crimson canine on the streaming service, but they’re clearly viewing it as a hit. This means that there will surely be a sizeable scarlet sequel on the horizon.

“We love the neighborhood, we love the area,” Clifford producer Jordan Kerner recently told ComicBook.com. “I think probably if there is a sequel, there will be a greater exploration [of the neighborhood]. Remember at the beginning of the movie, Clifford’s mom and brothers and sisters were taken away, and we don’t know where they are. I think Emily is going to be 15 at that point, so there’s going to be a whole other layer of her life to start exploring.”

Clifford could even be coming to the shores of the UK; as Kerner continued; “I think that [in] the neighborhood itself, we can go deeper with all those people…and also remember that half of [Emily Elizabeth’s] family is English. Her mother has an English accent, was raised in England, the uncle was too young when he came over so he has an American accent, and I think that England at some point might also be involved.”

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