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Marvel Halloween Special adds Coco star as Werewolf By Night

Gael García Bernal has reportedly been cast in the lead role for the special

Gael Garcia Bernal in Old

A Halloween Special is being planned for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s been reported that the lead is cast. According to TheWrap, Gael García Bernal will headline the feature, but the exact nature of his role remains to be seen.

Bernal is already well-acquainted with the House of Mouse, having featured in the 2017 Disney movie Coco as Héctor. For now, it’s unknown what character he’ll be playing for the Halloween Special. It’s believed the inspiration will be Werewolf By Night, a lycan comic book series from the early ’70s. The first character to use the moniker was Jack Russell, a hero that could become a humanoid wolf on a whim. His series, which ran for much of that decade, includes the first appearance of Moon Knight.

The second is Jake Gomez, a Native American whose family is cursed with becoming werewolves at the sign of a full moon. The Marvel Halloween Special could draw from either of these, or take elements of both, or do something completely new entirely.

This is the second special Marvel has greenlit, after The Guardians of of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which is due to premiere during the festive season next year. The Marvel Halloween Special is slated to release October 2022, and filming is expected to happen early in the new year.

There’s a chance we hear more about this during Disney Plus Day, a presentation on everything coming to the streaming service in the new future. We can likely expect other Marvel Phase 4 projects like She-Hulk and Ms Marvel to get a mention too.