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Annabelle Wallis says she’s spoken to James Wan about making Malignant 2

Annabelle Wallis has said that she's spoken to horror movie legend James Wan about making a Malignant 2

Annabelle Wallis says Malignant 2 conversations have begun

Annabelle Wallis has said that she’s spoken to James Wan about making a Malignant 2. In an interview with Screen Rant, Wallis said that she and Wan – who directed the unhinged horror movie – were flattered by how warmly the film was received and added that conversations had begun about a second outing.

“There’s plenty of ideas swirling around,” she explained. “We were very, very flattered by the reception and I think taken aback by the reception. So yeah, there’s lots of conversations happening.” One of the year’s sleeper hits (and for my money, one of the best horror movies of 2021), Malignant tells the story of Madison Lake Mitchell (Wallis).

After a fight with her abusive husband, Madison becomes the centre of a murderous conspiracy; with all those around her being killed by a mysterious figure from her past called Gabriel. While the film’s not the scariest The Conjuring director Wan’s ever made, it is easily one of his most memorable, mixing genres with a callous disregard for tone and featuring a twist so out there you wouldn’t believe it if we wrote it down.

Wan has previously said he’s not against revisiting the world of Malignant, although he’s slightly reluctant. In an interview with GamesRadar.com, Wan said it could become a franchise but added he only set out to make one movie.

“It’s kind of a tricky question. Ultimately anything can become a franchise,” he said. “[Studios] will find a way. Look at Saw. When Leigh Whannell and I made Saw, we were like, ‘Jigsaw gets up, and he shuts the door. The end.’ Then when the movie did so well, the producers and studio were like, ‘Guys, we have to make another one.’ So, yes, Malignant could become a franchise. But I set out to just make this movie.”

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That said, Wan did leave himself at least one sequel hook. When Madison locks Gabriel away at the film’s climax, he promises that he’ll escape one day and return to blight her life. In the movie’s final moments, the electric hum that accompanied Gabriel can also be faintly heard, suggesting that he may be gone, but his return is inevitable. Still Wan’s busy with Aquaman 2 right now so maybe another director will have to take over.

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