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Todd McFarlane developing new TV slate, potential Spawn cinematic universe

McFarlane Film has a number of TV series in the works, as well as a full Spawn franchise


Big things are afoot with Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane, and they might contribute to something major for Spawn. McFarlane Films has a new division for developing TV series, mentioning during the announcement that a Spawn movie franchise could be happening.

McFarlane Films has signed a first look deal with the company wiip, behind HBO series Mare of Easttown, to put together a slate of programming. So far, several creators and producers have projects on the slate, including ShadowMachine, the studio behind Netflix TV series BoJack Horseman. McFarlane is overseeing the venture with Sean Canino, president of television at McFarlane Films, and he says this is all in addition to his plans for Spawn.

“Having been in development with Jason Blum at Blumhouse, along with attaching Jamie Foxx on a potential Spawn movie franchise, other opportunities both in film and television came forward which led to this expansion in entertainment,” Todd McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Films, said. “Films, television, and video games are all areas I intend to spend my creative energy on a steady basis.” He goes on to champion his ability to challenge established players across various creative industries, most notably Marvel and DC, and that he plans to bring that experience to Hollywood “full-time”.

Two shows are being made right this second – McFarland and Thumbs. The former is a stop-motion animated series described as “Night at the Museum meets Toy Story in Twin Peaks”, while the latter is a live-action drama based on Sean Lewis’s graphic novel about an esports pro who finds himself defending the United States from infiltration.

This is all in addition to the Sam and Twitch TV show based in the Spawn universe that was previously announced. The new Spawn film has been in the works for some time, with Jamie Foxx attached to star, and Jeremy Renner cast in a supporting role back in 2018. However, updates have been light on their feet beyond Jason Blum and McFarlane being adamant that it’s in active development.

When the new Spawn adaptation happens, McFarlane is directing and writing. We’ll keep you informed.