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Spider-Man trilogy and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy up to 50% off in these Cyber Monday deals

Spider-Man and Batman have some great box-sets on discount as part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Spider-Man and The Dakr Knight Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal

If you enjoy your Batman movies, or want to catch up on Spider-Man’s big screen exploits before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are you. Box-sets of Christopher Nolan and Sam Raimi’s superhero action movies are now reduced, with up to 50% off either.

To start, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy on Blu-ray combines all three of his films based on our favourite webhead in one package. That means 2002’s Spider-Man, its heavily 2004 sequel, and 2007’s divisive (to say the least), Spider-Man 3. You get Tobey Maguire’s full arc as Peter Parker, battling Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, and Topher Grace’s Venom. Two of those three are in Spider-Man: No Way Home, making these three thriller movies especially relevant.

Over on the DC side, you have The Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight itself needs no introduction at this point, Christian Bale’s Batman facing Heath Ledger’s Joker in a protracted battle for Gotham City’s destiny. Before and after, you have Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight Rises, charting the inception, and end, of Bale’s Bruce Wayne.

Both being on Blu-ray, you get a ton of features, and incredibly high quality versions of the films themselves. Check out the Spider-Man trilogy here, and the Dark Knight trilogy here – unfortunately, the Spidder-Man deal is US only, but UK fans can check out this great box-set that contains Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, and the two MUC adventures thus far.

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