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Moon Knight first look shows Oscar Isaac in new Disney Plus Marvel series

Disney Plus has offered a sneak peek at Oscar Isaac in the upcoming Marvel TV series Moon Knight

“I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams” – so begins our first look at Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The tease is now available on streaming service Disney Plus as part of Marvel Studios’ 2021 Disney Plus Day showcase.

Isaac plays Marc Spector, who in the comics grew up in Chicago and joins the marines, then the CIA, then works as a mercenary – before becoming the vigilante hero Moon Knight. As a teenager, he develops dissociative identity disorder with alternative personalities including Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. Isaac appears to be doing what sounds like a South African accent at the start of the footage, but it is unclear if he is ‘Marc’ or one of his other identities here.

A deep voice comes in and says; “The voice inside your head. It devours you” – this is likely to be the voice of Ethan Hawke’s villain. Not much is known about the villain yet, but Hawke told Seth Meyers in August that he is based on cult-leader David Koresh. Theories abound as to who Hawke is playing – from The Sun King to Mephisto or the very cool Werewolf By Night.

Early in the footage, Isaac looks at what appears to be a golden idol of an Egyptian god or goddess – this could be the idol of Khonshu, who saves Spector’s life in Egypt, in exchange for a life of service. There is then a scene that takes place on what appears to be a bus, of Isaac wearing white clothes and white gloves – which could be foreshadowing his white costume as Moon Knight.

Once Hawke’s voice comes in, the teaser takes a darker and more violent turn. We see the back of someone in a white cape (therefore probably Moon Knight) beating someone very badly on the ground. Finally a caped figure in silhouette jumps in front of a silvery moon.

The whole ‘tease’ is only thirty seconds long, but fans will be clamouring for clues, hints and anything else they can glean from every second. We will keep you updated as we learn more and for now, check out our guide to Marvel’s Phase 4.