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Save up to 47% on Funko Pop Advent Calendars and other vinyl figures

The Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar is now 47% off while The Office Funko Pop Advent Calendar is 40% off.

A selection of mini figures from the Harry Poter Funko advent calendar, with Ron, Harry and Hermione in the centre. A Black Friday flag is at the top left of the frame.

From Harry Potter to The Office, and Batman to Dragon Ball Z, you can now find the cast of practically every popular TV show and movie rendered in adorable Funko Pop form. These diminutive, bobble-headed figurines grace the shelves of many major cinephiles, and with many of the most iconic characters available in several variations, hunting down and collecting all your favourites can quickly become pretty addictive. If your collection is looking a little threadbare, then don’t worry: as a seasonal treat, right now you can get 47% off the Harry Potter Funko Pop advent calendar and 40% off The Office Funko Pop advent calendar as part of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals.

For those who don’t know, the Funko Pop advent calendars give you 24 miniature Pop vinyl figures, which stand at approximately two inches tall. If you’re thinking of Christmas gift ideas for film lovers, then these are ideal, as you’re essentially giving them 24 little Christmas presents throughout the month of December. Just like their taller counterparts, they’ll make fantastic additions to shelves, desks or any other place you might decide to display them.

Every advent calendar has an element of surprise, and these are no different, but you’re guaranteed to receive your favourite characters over the course of the 24 days. The Office and Harry Potter are both made up of large casts of characters and you don’t need to worry that anyone you buy this for is just going to end up with obscure side characters who only appeared in one scene/episode. In the Harry Potter advent calendar, you can be sure you’ll get Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore, while in The Office advent calendar, Michael, Jim, Dwight and Pam are all included.

If you know someone who is a fan of either Harry Potter or The Office, then this is going to be a really good choice of gift for them. Though they know their favourite characters are going to be in there, they don’t know who they’re going to get on each day, giving them a chance to enjoy a bit of surprise and excitement each time they open a door.


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There’s still time to get them before the start of December (especially if you sign up for Amazon Prime and enjoy that sweet next-day delivery). But don’t take too long to think about it, as stocks could all get snatched up soon. You can buy the Harry Potter Funko Pop advent calendar for $31.99 and The Office Funko Pop advent calendar for $35.99.

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If you don’t know anybody who likes The Office or Harry Potter Funko Pops, worry not, because Cyber Monday deals have been applied to quite a few different Funko Pop ranges. We’ve selected ten of the best Cyber Monday Funko Pop deals below, including characters from Star Wars, Stranger Things and Pokémon. Check them out below:

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