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Eternals star shares photo of cut Harry Styles scene

Eternals star Lia McHugh has shared a new picture of Harry Styles which hints that Starfox had a larger role in the film initially

The Etrnals and Harry Styles as Eros

Chloé Zhao’s Eternals has added a whole new cosmic dimension to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now there are Celestials, Deviants, and even pop stars. Yes, while the Eternals MCU debut was an exciting science fiction movie, it was slightly overshadowed by Harry Styles cameo as Eros, aka Starfox, the foppish brother of Thanos.

While Styles’s appearance in the action movie was brief, it certainly left an impression on fans, but it seems his role was more significant at one point. Lia McHugh, who played the impish Sprite, confirmed this when she shared a new photo on Instagram.

The behind-the-scenes snap shows Styles – with his Eternals co-stars McHugh and Richard Madden – wearing the bluish-grey robes that the team wears early in the film. Interestingly, though, we never see Eros in these robes in the movie, just in his snazzy super suit. This has led to speculation that Styles and Eros originally appeared in the film a lot earlier, but this scene was cut to make his post-credit appearance more of a surprise.

While Styles’s appearance in the MCU went down a treat reception to the Eternals was far more mixed. The film is the only MCU movie to be rated “rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes with a critic score of 47%. Our reviewer Emma-Jane Betts enjoyed the film’s ambition but had some reservations about the overall story.


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Eternals has been much better received by general audiences though. They voted with their wallets and rewarded Eternals with the second-highest worldwide opening weekend, for a Hollywood movie at least, during the pandemic. At the time of writing it’s grossed more than  $336 million at the global box office way above analysts expectations for the film.

Eternals is part of Marvel’s Phase 4 and is in cinemas now.