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Tony Todd wants Candyman sequel set in New York

In an interview with /Film, Tony Todd has discussed potential Candyman sequels set in New England and New York

Some fans of the original 1992 film were disappointed that Tony Todd did not have a more substantial role in this year’s Candyman reboot. But the actor has been discussing possible Candyman sequels set in New England and New York with /Film.

Nia DaCosta’s horror movie Candyman (2021) returned to Cabrini-Green in Chicago, which played such an important role in the original. But there were two nineties sequels which saw the Candyman travel to New Orleans and Los Angeles.

In an interview with /Film, Todd first mentions New England as a place that he could see his most iconic character; “I had pitched them an idea because I’m from New England originally and I’m also a teacher and I had an idea that would’ve taken place in an Ivy League women’s college.”

He continued; “And I had this great image of a Nor’easter and Candyman, snowing, snowing, snowing, and there he is standing on a New England road. That would be my ideal destination. We don’t want him on a cruise ship. We don’t need that. We don’t need him on a train.”

Todd then goes onto discuss New York as a potential location; “Well, I love New York, I spent 10 wonderful years there. There’s boroughs to choose from. There’s subways.”

He continues; “And just Candyman lost in Times Square if we add a little Midnight Cowboy element when Times Square had some character, you know? Just one of those minions walking down there and maybe walking down 12th Avenue and then going into the Village and then all the nightclubs and stuff.”

New York would offer some of the same elements as Chicago in the original; “Just think of all the immigrants arriving and how that affected all-white neighborhoods, how the poverty always sank to the bottom and so forth.”

Todd can currently be seen in the Shudder anthology Horror Noire, a spin-off of the documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror. Some of the best 2021 horror movies can also be found on Shudder right now.