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Recreate the movie theatre at home with $500 off Optoma CinemaX projectors

This amazing projector has been reduced in Amazon's Cyber Monday sale, offering the experience of the cinema in the luxury of your home.

An home theatre projector projecting an ocean scene in somebody's house.

There’s no denying that watching movies on the cinema screen adds a level of immersion to the experience that you don’t find when watching on a regular TV. Still, going out to the movies has its downsides too and isn’t an activity everybody wants to indulge in. What if you need to pee? You just have to miss any nail-biting screen action that occurs whilst you pass that gallon of Pepsi Max you gulped during the adverts. Well, if you invest in a home cinema projector, you can have all the luxuries of the cinema combined with the home comforts of viewing in your living room. If that sounds appealing to you, you may be happy to know that the Optoma CinemaX home theatre projector is $500 cheaper for Cyber Monday.

Worried you’ll lose picture quality if the image is blown up by so much? Well, the Optoma CinemaX uses 4K Ultra HD, HDR10 technology in order to provide an incredible 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, meaning your picture quality will be crisp and beautiful throughout. With 30,000 hours of light source life, the picture isn’t likely to deteriorate any time soon. That’s the equivalent of leaving it running day and night for approximately three and a half years. Plus, of course, it can also connect to a number of different smart devices, making it easy to stream from all your favourite platforms through the Optoma CinemaX.

Just imagine this scenario: you have the whole family together at Christmas time, and you’re able to project one of your favourite family movies on the wall so that you can all enjoy it in a cinema-esque experience. Maybe these are old classics that you all love but never got to see in the cinema originally? Well, now you can capture all the same magic in your own home with the flick of a few buttons, without having to dodge around the head of the tall person in front of you who won’t sit still.

It’s designed to be super easy to set up, too. Simply place and play, once you’ve wirelessly connected to your phone or smart device. Its auto-geometry correction system allows for hassle-free image alignment too, so you can have it playing your favourite movies in just a matter of minutes.

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We don’t know exactly how long this deal is going to be available for, but we do know that Cyber Monday deals in general can be quite short-lived and it could well be gone tomorrow. If you would like to see more brilliant bargains like this, be sure to check out our Cyber Monday hub, where we’ve gathered together as many of the best deals as we could find.