Doctor Who centenary special release date confirmed in finale trailer

The Doctor Who centenary special release date has finally been confirmed, and it comes with a brand new trailer for The Power of The Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor in Doctor Who

The release date for Jodie Whittaker’s final episode as the 13th Doctor has been confirmed. Whittaker’s last episode in the sci-fi series, titled The Power of the Doctor, is known as the Doctor Who centenary special as its release coincides with the celebration of the BBC’s 100th anniversary.

The Doctor Who centenary special has been without a specific release date, and has only been promoted up until this point with a short teaser trailer. That teaser confirmed the return of former companions Tegan and Ace, and teased Whittaker’s regeneration.

Now, there is an official trailer for the Doctor Who centenary special, which will be the 13th Doctor’s regeneration episode. Along with the trailer, it’s been confirmed that the Doctor Who centenary special release date is October 23, 2022.

The trailer itself gives a glimpse of what to expect from the episode – which will air in little over two weeks time. The trailer is accompanied by the tagline ‘Her final battle’, and is packed full of action and spectacle, and shows a look at the threat from the Daleks, who seem to be aligned with The Master.

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Away from the 13th Doctor, The Master is – arguably – the focus of the trailer, and his most notable line is “this is the day you are erased for ever”, which suggests that his evil plan may involve wiping the Doctor from the timeline. Of course, as the audience, we know that The Master’s plan will most likely fail.

The 14th Doctor, who will be played by Ncuti Gatwa, has already been announced, and we also know that the Doctor Who 60th anniversary will star David Tennant. We’re just not completely sure how. The Master’s plan for the Doctor could be involved with Tennant’s return, and it could see the 13th Doctor degenerate into previous versions of the Doctor rather than regenerate. Or, it could be something completely unrelated.

Either way, the Doctor Who centenary special release date has been confirmed. That in itself will be to the huge relief of a lot of fans. For more time traveling fun, check out our guide to the best time travel movies.