George RR Martin is most of the way through next Game of Thrones book

Fans of Game of Thrones have been waiting for The Winds of Winter, the next book in the series, for years, but George RR Martin says it's nearly done

george rr martin

Before Game of Thrones was an epic fantasy series, it was a popular (and extensive) novel saga written by George RR Martin. Martin, who has also been involved with the production of both the Game of Thrones TV series and the upcoming House of the Dragon season 2, has become infamous for keeping book fans waiting for his latest novel, The Winds of Winter.

After much speculation and disappointment among the fanbase, Martin set the record straight and gave some exciting updates as part of a live stream organised by his publisher, Random House. “It’s a big, big book, I’ve said that before,” he said, via Radio Times. “It’s a challenging book. It’s probably gonna be a larger book than any of the previous volumes in the story.

He added, “[A] Dance with Dragons and Storm of Swords are the two largest books in the series, they were both about 1,500 manuscript pages. I think this one is going to be longer than that by the time I’m finished with it and I think I’m around three-quarters of the way done, maybe.”

However, as exciting as these updates are, Martin warned fans not to get too excited — even when the book is finished, there’s the editing process to consider.

“And of course, then there’s the issue here of my friends at Random House, when I deliver this monstrous book that will be as big as a dragon, are they going to try to make me cut it in two?” he asked. “We’ll find out about that but first I have to finish it, I have to get it all done.”

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Martin also said he was going to step away from giving fans potential timeframes from the book’s completion, explaining, “I’ve given up making predictions, because people press me and press me: ‘When is it going to be done?’ And I make what I think is the best case estimate, and then stuff happens. Then everybody gets mad that I ‘lied’.”

“I’ve never lied about these predictions. They’re the best I can make, but I guess I overestimate my ability to get stuff done, and I underestimate the amount of interruptions and other projects, other demands that will distract me.”

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