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Michael Myers lack of Halloween Ends screen time explained by director

Michael Myers isn't in Halloween Ends very much, to the disappointment of a lot of audiences. The reason for that has been explained by the director.

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

Halloween Ends is the controversial conclusion to the rebooted Halloween trilogy of movies, making it a must-see for fans of the series. However, if you’re wanting to see plenty of Michael Myers you might be disappointed, because the notorious horror movie villain is in Halloween Ends less than you might expect.

Halloween Ends has promised to be the final chapter in the story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. The movie tells the story of their final confrontation, but makes plenty of unconventional choices along the way. One of those choices (plot spoilers ahead) is that Michael Myers spends the vast majority of the movie sat in the sewers, while new character Corey Cunningham commits murders in Haddonfield on his behalf.

It certainly makes for a twist on the typical formula, and the idea to essentially replace Michael Myers with a new villain in the final act of the trilogy is nothing if not bold. But, audiences who have previously enjoyed the typical Laurie/Michael dynamic, and its straightforwardness may be left disappointed.

Now, the trilogy’s director David Gordon Green has defended the decision to reduce Michael Myers’ screen time in the final act of the thriller movie trilogy. Speaking to Collider, the director said that it felt “right” for the movie.

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He said “there’s obvious challenges and things that you would bring to discussion with editors, with producers and say, ‘This is what feels right,’ and at a point we all just looked at each other and said, ‘We’re taking a big risk here, but it does feel right and we know we’re getting into. Let’s go for it.'”

So, David Gordon Green himself is more than willing to acknowledge that the reduction in screen time for Michael Myers was a big risk. Whether or not that was a risk that paid off will be something for audiences, and fans of the movie series to decide for themselves.

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