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Brendan Gleeson shreds SNL studio in rad skateboarding video

Not content with being a really, really good actor, Brendan Gleeson has decided to skateboard around the SNL set and look super cool while doing it

Brendan Gleeson in The Guard

Brendan Gleeson is a brilliant actor, we all know this. But did you know he’s a pretty rad skateboarder too? Well, that’s sort of true, as the Irish actor promotes his upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live by rolling around the comedy series set in a new video.

Gleeson has starred in the Harry Potter franchise, led multiple comedy movies like In Bruges and The Guard, and even popped up in the adorable family movie Paddington 2. But, when he’s not playing around with fake eyes as the Harry Potter character Alastor Moody, you may just find Gleeson on a skatepark.

In a video shared by Saturday Night Live, Gleeson plays up to his bad boy reputation by skating around the SNL studio and causing all kinds of trouble for the show’s security guard.

Now, we should be clear that we are 99% certain this isn’t actually Gleeson doing the skate stunts. But, if we suspend our disbelief for a moment, it makes for a much cooler scenario, so we’re going to do that.

With kick-flips, ollies, and grinds aplenty, Gleeson’s skateboarding repertoire is looking almost as impressive as his filmography.

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Gleeson can next be seen on the big screen in the latest drama movie from Martin McDonagh, a long-time collaborator of Gleeson’s. The Banshees of Inisherin is currently playing at film festivals and getting rave reviews.

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