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Black Adam: What is the crown of Sabbac?

Black Adam may not be the nicest superhero around, but there's someone even worse than him and they get their power from the crown of Sabbac

What is the crown of Sabbac? Hawkman and Sabbac in Black Adam

What is the crown of Sabbac in Black Adam? The Black Adam release date is finally here, and with it comes lots of questions about the new superhero movie. While it’s not clear if Black Adam is a hero or a villain, there’s someone even worse than him out there, and they get their powers from something called the crown of Sabbac.

The DCEU will never be the same again, as Dwayne Johnson brings the almighty Black Adam to life on the big screen, and he’s got quite the task on his hands in the DC movie. Not only does he come to blows with the Justice Society, but he also has a demonic supervillain to contend with.

Our Black Adam review will tell you whether the Dwayne Johnson movie is actually worth a watch, but if you’re wondering what goes on in the film, we can help you there too. Like answering the question, what is the crown of Sabbac? Warning, spoilers ahead!

What is the crown of Sabbac in Black Adam?

The crown of Sabbac is a mysterious ancient artefactforged by demons . The crown is made of a mineral called Eternium and is an instrumental tool in bringing the evil dead to life.

In the epic action movie, we go way back to 2600 BC, where the crown of Sabbac was coveted by the King of Kahndaq as he attempted to summon the demon Sabbac. That didn’t quite work, but his descendent Ishmael manages to succeed 5000 years later.

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By acquiring the crown of Sabbac, and following its transcription which reads “Death is the only path to life,” Ishmael understands that by being killed, he can then come back to life as the embodiment of the evil demon Sabbac.

Sabbac is an incredibly strong villain, capable of flight, super strength, and blasting fire at anyone who dares to cross him. And it’s all thanks to the crown of Sabbac.

Black Adam is released on October 21, 2022 and here’s how to watch Black Adam. For more from DC, check out our guide to the Joker 2 release date.