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Wahoo, the new Super Mario Bros movie trailer is here

Everybody's favourite Italian plumber is heading back to the big screen, and the first Super Mario Bros movie trailer has finally arrived

Super Mario Bros

Get your plungers at the ready, because Super Mario is back! The star of the classic videogame series has had his fair share of big and small screen appearances through the years, from animated movies, to a pretty disastrous live-action ‘90s movie, but they’re giving it another go.

Perhaps the most famous Italian plumber of all time, Mario has been a staple of many childhoods throughout the years. Now, Jurassic World and MCU star Chris Pratt will take on the iconic role, lending his vocal talents to the project which is set to release in April 2023. Pratt will be joined by comedy movie actor Charlie Day as his brother Luigi, A24 movie alum Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, and if that wasn’t enough, Seth Rogen and Jack Black are also involved.

Now, the first trailer for the new Super Mario Bros movie has arrived, and you can watch it right here.

The trailer offers us a good look at this new iteration of the Mushroom Kingdom, and it’s quite the world. We also encounter Keegan-Michel Key’s Toad, who is going to help Mario on his quest to defeat Jack Black’s Bowser. We’ve all been waiting nervously on the edge of our seats to hear Chris Pratt’s accent… and we finally get a tiny taste of it here!

The animated adventure movie is due to be released on April 7, 2023. It was originally planned for 2022, but that release date got pushed back.

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