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Adam Sandler’s new Safdie Brothers movie first plot details revealed

The very first details about Adam Sandler's new Safdie brothers movie have been revealed, and there could be a link to Uncut Gems.

Adam Sandler in Hustle

Adam Sandler is teaming up with the Safdie brothers once again for another drama movie, and the first details about the plot have been revealed. Sandler previously worked with the pair on the crime thriller movie Uncut Gems.

Sandler has become known for his increasingly low-quality comedy movies, so his appearance in Uncut Gems was a big surprise. However, the actor ended up being a total revelation in the movie. He indisputably provided his best performance since starring in the Paul Thomas Anderson romance movie Punch Drunk Love. The fact that the actor didn’t receive an Oscar nomination for his performance will go down as one of the greatest snubs of all time.

Since then, Sandler has continued his uptick in form with the fun sports movie Hustle on streaming service Netflix. In the movie he stars as an ambitious basketball coach. It was another great performance, and marks an interesting change in direction at a relatively late stage in his career. That change in direction has been cemented by the fact that Sandler has been confirmed as teaming up with the Safdies for another movie.

Now, the plot details reveal that there could be some surprising similarities between the new movie, and Uncut Gems. Netflix, which will be taking on the movie after the success of Uncut Gems, hasn’t confirmed any plot details but Deadline reports that the movie is set to explore “the world of high-end card collecting”.

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In Uncut Gems, Sandler’s character was an obsessive gambler. It sounds as if the new project might touch on similar themes about addiction, then. Of course, the movie could end up being completely different to Uncut Gems and explore things in a totally different way.

The trio of the Safdie brothers and Sandler have been wanting to follow Uncut Gems with a new movie for a while. Hopefully, they’re able to capture the same level of success. And, who knows – after his snub for Uncut Gems, the new project could mark Sandler’s first Oscar nomination.

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