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Jamie Lee Curtis questions interviewer’s One Piece knowledge

In a recent Halloween Ends interview, Jamie Lee Curtis turned the tables on the interviewer and started grilling him on his One Piece knowledge

One Piece

A sweet Mexican interviewer brought a gift for Jamie Lee Curtis in a recent interview for Halloween Ends. The gift was a Tony Tony Chopper soft toy, because Curtis has been publicly effusive in her love for anime series One Piece. This led Curtis to start grilling the poor interviewer on his One Piece knowledge.

Curtis has previously stated that she wants the role of Tony Tony Chopper’s mentor Dr. Kureha in the live-action One Piece series coming soon to Netflix. So her first question for the interviewer is; “who’s that old wizened woman who wears the low-cut bell-bottoms, she has long grey hair, she’s with the doctor [Hiriluk] up on the hill [Drum Island]?”

Thankfully, the interviewer knows this is Dr. Kureha. “Ruby [Curtis’ daughter] wants me to play that woman.” The interviewer says; “the whole internet wants you to do it!” It’s a pretty popular fan-cast.” Curtis responds; “let’s see how the first season is first, I’ll be watching it with a little side-eye…” The first season of the live-action series is in the can, but fans (especially Curtis) are hoping that Kureha will be in the second season.

We don’t yet know when the One Piece live-action series will be coming to Netflix, but the first season is in post-production. Netflix are all-in on anime, it would seem. They are also bringing a big-budget Avatar The Last Airbender live-action series to the streamer, which will be hoping for a lot more success than the M. Night Shyamalan movie.

One Piece features some of the most popular and well-loved anime characters of all time. So popular that Taika Waititi recently caused a stir simply by wearing a Monkey D. Luffy jumper.

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