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Pierce Brosnan included a touching tribute to his wife in Black Adam

Pierce Brosnan revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he gave his Black Adam character Kent Nelson some personal details related to his real-life wife

Pierce Brosnan in Black Adam

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, best known for playing James Bond, is joining the DCEU in Dwayne Johnson‘s passion-project Black Adam. He plays Kent Nelson, who is also known as Doctor Fate. Brosnan recently told Entertainment Tonight that he included a tribute to his wife Keeley in the superhero movie.

Brosnan was widowed in 1991, and has three children with his first wife Cassie Harris. He married Keeley Shaye in 2001 and has two sons with her. “This is our wedding ring and this is a watch that Keely bought me many years ago with an inscription that [reads], ‘Time flies on love’s wings,'” Brosnan said. “I decided to wear it for this character. It seemed appropriate.”

“The man [has] traversed the ages of time. He’s one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC comic book world. He did have a wife called Enza, and she was even more powerful than him I hear,” Pierce then explained, noting that he has “no idea” who might potentially play Enza if there are more Black Adam movies.

Keeley Shaye Brosnan said; “I love those emblems, that he took those with him into the superpower, superhero realm.” She said that Brosnan is a superhero at home, as well as on the big screen, because of “his heart. He has a big heart, generous, warm, kind heart.”

Black Adam will introduce the Justice Society of America, which Doctor Fate helped found. He wears the Helmet of Fate and wields magic. The JSA take Black Adam to task – by trying to rein-in his violent, destructive, and vengeful impulses and trying to persuade him to use his powers for good.

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