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Michael J. Fox has a Back to the Future reboot idea

Michael J. Fox has an idea for a Back to the Future reboot, following on from his recent reunion with Christopher Lloyd at New York Comic Con

Michael F Fox in Back to the Future

Michael J. Fox recently reunited with the Doc to his Marty, Christopher Lloyd, at New York Comic Con. Everyone was thrilled to see the two beloved Back to the Future actors share a heart-warming hug. And Fox recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his idea for a reboot of the classic comedy movie.

In this current age of reboots and legacy sequels, many popular 80s movies are getting follow-ups such as Ghostbusters, Top Gun, Indiana Jones, Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop, Predator, Terminator and more. It’s therefore surprising that Back to the Future hasn’t already had one.

Michael J. Fox, who of course played Marty McFly in the popular time travel trilogy, has an idea for a reboot that could definitely work. “I actually had this thought that if they did the movie again, they should do it with a girl as Marty. There’s something about it that connects with people on every level. I just feel like it will come around again.”

Fox may have missed the boat on the brief “girl version” trend, which included Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters (2016) and Ocean’s 8 (2018). However, it would be good to see a girl at the centre of such as famous time travel story.

“What’s most amazing about Back to the Future is that — and it has nothing to do with me — but it has this life,” Fox added. “People don’t just like it and remember it, they celebrate it and embrace it and get my face tattooed on their leg, and I mean, it’s crazy but in a good way.”

“I love it and I only recently have been able to embrace it in a way,” he continued. “Not that I rejected it before, or wasn’t proud of it, but I didn’t fully get how much people related to it, how much it meant to them.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Fox’s reboot idea ever comes to fruition. While we do, check out our guide to the best science fiction movies.