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She-Hulk: why does Wong break Abomination out of prison?

She-Hulk: Jennifer Walters's adventures have come to an end, for now, but not before Wong rescued Abomination from prison, but why?

She-Hulk: Why did Wong rescue Abomination from prison

Why does Wong break Abomination out of Prison? Well, the latest Marvel series She-Hulk has finally come to an end, and it’s been quite the journey. Jen learned to live with her powers, Bruce went to space and met the Hulk’s son, and Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination, set up a meditation retreat for Marvel villains. Not bad for a TV series about a lawyer.

Oh yeah, there was also some stuff about a guy called Hulk King and a group of misogynist internet-dwelling troglodytes called The Intelligencia, but we shouldn’t talk about them. Trolls thrive on attention. No, let’s remember the good times, like when Wong sued the magician Donny Blaze.

Everyone loves a good Wongers cameo, don’t they (we’re praying for a Doctor Strange 3, so we can see him again). Thankfully, we did get a little bit more of the Sorceror Supreme before She-Hulk ended. He made a quick appearance during the post-credit sting where he portaled in and rescued a once-again-incarcerated Blonsky from prison. But why does Wong break Abomination out of prison?

How does Wong break Abomination out of prison?

Using the power of the mystic arts and a sling ring, Wong simply opens a portal into Abomination’s cell and the pair escape through it. Pretty simple, really, but everything is when you’re the most powerful sorcerer living on Earth-616.

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Why does Wong break Abomination out of prison?

Wong presumably breaks Abomination out of prison because they’re friends. We saw in Shang-Chi, and other early She-Hulk episodes that Wong got on well with Blonsky, so he probably doesn’t mind living with him in Kamar-Taj.

Were we being slightly cynical? We imagine as well Wong’s aware that it’s better to keep Blonsky as a potential ally than a bitter foe as well.

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