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Paul Dano doesn’t know if he’ll play The Riddler in The Batman 2

Paul Dano reveals some juicy Gotham gossip, by sharing how he isn't 100% sure if The Riddler will return for the DC movie The Batman 2

Paul Dano as the Riddler

The Batman is one of the best DC movies to hit the big screen, having impressed fans and critics alike. And since its release in March 2022, Warner Bros is already working on a sequel to the superhero movie. With this in mind, many have wondered what the upcoming Batman movie will have in store for us and, most importantly, if we will see the Batman villain, The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, return to terrorise Gotham once again.

Unfortunately, it looks like The Riddler isn’t a fully confirmed part of the sequel, and even Dano is unsure if he will be back to play the part. Speaking with Comicbook.com, while promoting his upcoming Riddler origin comic, The Riddler: Year One, Dano shared how, despite being all for The Riddler returning in The Batman 2, he isn’t sure about the character’s fate.

“So, the essence of the comic does come from the work I did to give the performance… I’m sure that I’m deeper into this than ever because of writing this comic,” Dano explained about The Riddler: Year One before diving into the details about his potential return to the big screen.

“But the essence, the emotional essence of it, is something I’d worked with already. And the comic has grown into its own thing, but the essence comes from the work I did going into the film,” he continued. “And I have no clue if I will play the Riddler in live-action again or not. But like I said, I loved making The Batman, so I think I certainly would.”

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At the end of The Batman, The Riddler was seen interacting with a nameless Arkham Asylum inmate – the Joker. The scene seemed to hint at a potential future team-up between the two. However, this is purely speculation as the plot of The Batman 2 is still tightly under wraps, and as Dano’s words point out, he hasn’t been contacted about the film just yet.

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