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Elizabeth Olsen explains beating lie detector for Doctor Strange 2

MCU actors are so good at keeping secrets now that they can even fool a lie detector test, just like Elizabeth Olsen did for Doctor Strange 2

Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2

It’s well known that any actor involved in the MCU needs to be very good at keeping secrets – or, they’re Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland and pretty much beyond help. Well, turns out Elizabeth Olsen is so good at hiding Marvel movie secrets that she even managed to fool a lie detector test when doing press for Doctor Strange 2.

Wanda Maximoff goes from hero to Marvel villain in Doctor Strange’s second solo MCU movie, and the Scarlet Witch is one hell of an adversary. Not only does she cause all kinds of trouble at Kamar-Taj for Wong and his students, but she also unleashes absolute carnage when she takes on Marvel’s Illuminati in an alternate universe.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, was given a lie detector test by Vanity Fair around the time the superhero movie came out, where she was asked about John Krasinski’s Doctor Strange 2 cameo. She denied working with Krasinski and passed the test, and now, she has told Variety how she did it.

“I was very confused when she was asking me those questions. I also had a terrible cold while doing press, so I feel like I had no filter because I was so sick. I didn’t have COVID, but I was sick for 14 days and it was amazing doing press sick. You just don’t care!” Olsen said.

“But I also had never met John Krasinski. I wasn’t lying! We filmed it separately. I was with the stand in. I don’t even know if they’d figured out he was doing it,” she added.

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So, there you have it, the key to keeping all of Marvel’s secrets is a good old combination of illness and a sprinkle of the truth. Technically, Olsen wasn’t lying when she said she didn’t work with Krasinski on the MCU Phase 4 flick, as they were never actually on set together.

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