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Christina Ricci hates what the studio did to Black Snake Moan

Christina has been speaking about studio interference in one of her movies from the 2000s, which changed the filmmaker's intention

Black Snake Moan

Yellowjackets star Christina Ricci has starred in many movies with dark subject matters over the years, but there’s one film in particular that she describes as a “black cloud.”

Audiences were used to seeing Ricci as a little girl for a long time, most famously in scary movies for kids such as Casper and The Addams Family. When Ricci turned 18 in 1998, Ricci made three movies that were all clearly an effort to be seen as more grown up – Buffalo 66, The Opposite of Sex, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

In 2006, Ricci starred in Black Snake Moan – a film which was intended to depict a young woman who was addicted to sex and drugs due to the sexual abuse she had suffered as a child. However, the marketing was designed to be titillating, with the tagline “everything is hotter down south.” Speaking to the The Rewind Podcast, Ricci said; “We made the film and then somebody took over at the studio and decided we needed to sell it to teenage boys. So they recut it and made it feel like rape porn. Which for me was a bit upsetting.”

Ricci continued; “My intention was to do my best work and I feel proud of my performance. I loved working with Sam Jackson and I loved working with Justin Timberlake. But ultimately that film has a little bit of a black cloud over it for me.”

Ricci will next be seen in Netflix’s Wednesday, a spin-off TV series from The Addams Family – which of course originated as a television series in the 1960s, before becoming the hugely successful movies in the 1990s. Ricci was the iconic Wednesday in the 90s movies, but has now graduated to the role of a teacher named Marilyn Thornhill. Jenna Ortega plays a teenaged Wednesday in the series.

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