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Ant-Man 3 trailer shows us the terrifying Quantum Realm

The Ant-Man 3 trailer has dropped, and Marvel movie fans can get their first look at villain Kang the Conqueror and the start of Phase 5

Ant-Man 3 trailer: Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror

The first trailer for Ant-Man 3, titled Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, has officially been released. The trailer came highly anticipated, as the new superhero movie is set to kick of the MCU’s Phase 5.

After the release of the upcoming Black Panther 2, Ant-Man 3 will be the next Marvel movie that continues the adventures of the many MCU characters in the cinematic universe. It is set to act as a catalyst for the events of Phase 5, which will see Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror as the next big Marvel villain.

Luckily, Ant-Man is joined by The Wasp, played by Evangeline Lilly, and there’ll likely be plenty more surprised in store for them both. Peyton Reed is returning to direct, making this his third consecutive Ant-Man feature.

Now, the first official trailer for Ant-Man 3 is here. It’s packed full of quantum horrors and some great visuals (what else would you expect?) and looks to be an exciting start to the adventures of Phase 5. Check it out below:

YouTube Thumbnail

From what we can see, it looks like Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is going to be in a lot of trouble. The exploration of the Quantum Realm might be a fun, exciting premise, but it’s no doubt going to end up putting the heroes in a lot of danger. Kang the Conqueror looks even more terrifying than he was in Loki, and will be a more-than formidable opponent for the insect-inspired hero.

Part of the reason why Ant-Man 3, and the beginning of Phase 5, has so much fan anticipation is because Phase 4 has been one of the rockier parts of the MCU’s history. While trying to explore the endless possibilities of the multiverse, it lacked a sense of direction and managed to feel a tad stale. Hopefully, Black Panther 2 will be a suitably fun ending to the era, before being followed up by Ant-Man 3.

Ant-Man 3 arrives in theatres February 17, 2023. For more MCU-related fun, check out our guide to the many Marvel series. Or, for a change of franchise, take a look at the DC movies and their timeline.