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Rob Zombie hasn’t watched the new Halloween movies with good reason

Rob Zombie directed two Halloween movies in 2007 and 2009, but recently revealed in a Facebook post that he hasn't watched David Gordon Green's trilogy

michael myers in halloween ends

Horror movie director Rob Zombie knows more about the Halloween movie franchise than most — he directed two of the slasher movies in 2007 and 2009 in a widely-anticipated reboot. Scout Taylor-Compton gave her own take on Laurie Strode, while Tyler Mane, who stands at 6’8, took on the role of iconic movie villain Michael Myers.

While his 2000s movies got a lacklustre response both at the box office and among critics, the Halloween franchise has since had another soft reboot, with David Gordon Green directing a new trilogy of movies that saw Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode — a character she played in the original thriller movie Halloween.

After Green’s reboot was released in 2018 (also called Halloween), it was followed up by 2021’s Halloween Kills and, most recently, 2022’s Halloween Ends. The latest Halloween movie appears to put an end to Michael Myers’ reign of terror for good, and as a recent release, it is garnering a lot of buzz as people look back on Zombie’s films in a different way.

Zombie addressed the mixed opinions around the latest Halloween movie as well as poking fun at the response to his own films in a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post, which included a meme of a man saying in 2007 Zombie “ruined the Halloween franchise” and then the same man in 2022 saying Zombie “saved” the franchise.

Accompanying the meme, Zombie wrote, “I have been getting bombarded with these and it just keeps on getting funnier and funnier. FYI – I have no opinion on the new films. I haven’t seen them yet. My experience with making my films was so insane it really burnt me out on Halloween. Sad but true. I just think the internet is hilarious.”

Zombie’s latest film, a reboot of comedy series The Munsters, is available to watch on streaming service Netflix.