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She-Hulk: will we see a Red Hulk?

So far, the Marvel series has introduced us to a lot of different Marvel villains but will we see a Red Hulk in She-Hulk's finale?

She-Hulk: Will we see a Red Hulk?

Will we see a Red Hulk in She-Hulk? So far, the Marvel series She-Hulk has introduced us to an absolute cacophony of Marvel villains. We’ve seen everyone from real threats like the Abomination, Titania, and Wrecking Crew, as well as D-Listers like Porcupine, Man-Bull and El-Aguila.

None of these bad guys has posed much of a threat to Jen Walters, partly because she doesn’t really involve herself in traditional superhero fights and partly because She-Hulk’s so much more powerful than any of these would-be baddies. Still, the Hulk King is plotting something, and the latest episode teased what might be around the corner.

During the closing moments of She-Hulk episode 7, Jen speculated that she might meet a Red Hulk in the finale. While this may have been the show making a joke for fans, there is some supporting evidence from the comic books that suggests the joke may be on her. So will we see a Red Hulk in She-Hulk?

Will we see a Red Hulk?

The TV series certainly seems to be teasing a Red Hulk of some kind. Jen literally mentioned one in episode 7, and in the comic books, the Intelligencia – the group dedicated to ruining Jen – played a major role in creating the Red Hulks.

The only issue we see with the theory is that introducing the Red Hulks is that they don’t really fit the tone of She-Hulk. So far, the series has been quite light and tongue-in-cheek.

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We know the most recent episode got heavy (who thought the MCU would ever tackle revenge porn), but the Red Hulks are such a huge threat. Introducing them in a comedy series would be a bit odd.

Still, as Kevin Feige himself always says, you can never predict what Marvel Studios are going to do. Maybe their take on the Red Hulks will be different from the slightly serious version we got in the comics.

She-Hulk: Will we see a Red Hulk?

Who are the Red Hulks?

The Red Hulks are exactly what you’d expect; they’re Hulks that are red. There are two crimson brutes in the comics, the Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk, and both were created by the Intelligencia in a plot to destroy the Hulks.

Their human identities are well-known to Hulk fans. The Red Hulk is Thunderbolt Ross – the general dedicated to bringing down Bruce Banner – and his daughter Betty Ross – Bruce’s on-again, off-again girlfriend.

She-Hulk: Will we see a Red Hulk?

The Ross’s were turned into Red Hulks using a combination of gamma radiation and cosmic rays. The pair possess similar but slightly different abilities to the green Hulks, including super-strength, invulnerability, and an incredible healing factor.

They can also absorb gamma radiation, robbing other Hulks of their powers. The main difference between the red and green-flavoured Hulks is what happens when they get angry. We know that when the traditional Hulks get angrier, their strength increases, but the Red Hulks don’t have this ability. Instead, they put out more and more heat the angrier they get.

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