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Han Solo has been recreated out of bread, and renamed ‘Pan Solo’

Iconic Star Wars character Han Solo, the most lovable rogue in the universe, has been recreated out of bread by a bakery in California

Han Solo in Carbonite in Empire Strikes Back

Everyone’s favourite Star Wars character, Han Solo, has been remade in the form of bread. Han Solo is, arguably, the most iconic Star Wars character who isn’t a Skywalker.

Solo starred as one of the leads in the original Star Wars movies, and reprised his role more recently in the sequel trilogy. His character was killed at the hands of his own son, Kylo Ren, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Harrison Ford’s Solo, along with his Wookie companion, is the archetypical lovable rogue. He’s a risk taking, dashing, handsome nerf herder, and ever since his first appearance, audiences have loved him for that.

Now, in a show of love for the character, Han Solo has been recreated in the form of bread. One House Bakery in California has made a bread sculpture of the smuggling scoundrel, encased in dough rather than carbonite. Check it out below:

The bread sculpture is far, far better than anything we’ve seen in this year’s Great British Bake Off. It is also remarkably accurate, and immediately recognisable. However, while it is a huge visual achievement, we’re not completely sure that it actually looks very tasty.

Then again, that isn’t the point. But it has got us thinking about what other characters from the Star Wars movies would be best in bread form. R2-D2 seems the most obvious choice, first off. Darth Vader, too, would probably work well, and we’d also like to see Palpatine in bread form, with his wrinkles as crusty cracks. Yummy.

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