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Only Murders in the Building season 2 ending explained

The last murder at the Arconia has been solved - here's everything that happened in the Only Murders in the Building season 2 ending.

Only Murders in the Building season 2 ending explained: Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora

Only Murders season 2 has sadly come to an end. There have been more twists and turns in this series than in the secret passages in the Arconia, so you may have gotten a bit lost along the way. Don’t worry if you missed anything. Here’s everything that happened in the Only Murders in the Building season 2 ending.

Warning there are spoilers ahead. Season 2 has dealt with the murder of Bunny Folger, the acerbic board president of the Arconia. Bunny met her end at the end of season 1, and Charles, Mabel, and Oliver have spent most of the sophomore series desperately trying to get to the bottom of this deadly mystery.

So who did it? Was it the conniving podcast host Cinda? Was Bunny bumped off by her ambitious protégé Nina Lin? Could the devious Detective Kreps be involved? Or was it really ‘Bloody Mabel’? Well, the TV series has finally ended, so here is the Only Murders in the building season 2 ending explained.

nlyWho was the killer in Only Murders in the Building season 2?

The killer was Poppy, aka Becky Butler, the supposed victim in Cinda’s true crime podcast, All Is Not OK in Oklahoma. But what did Poppy have against Bunny? Well, she came into contact with her while working on her stolen art podcast, but that’s not really why she was chosen as the victim.

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Bunny was targeted because Poppy needed to create the perfect murder to pin on her cruel boss Cinda so she could get her own podcast. Bunny’s proximity to the Only Murders trio and the fact she lives in the Arconia with its myriad of secret tunnels – allowing for an easy escape – made her a tempting target for our murderous personal assistant.

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How was Poppy caught?

Poppy was caught after falling into a trap set by the Only Murders trio. Charles, Mabel, and Oliver staged a Killer Reveal Party (which was both a party where they’d reveal the killer and a killer party), inviting all of the suspects along, including Poppy and Cinda.

Once everyone was there, Charles began to list the myriad of evidence against Cinda, but when the podcaster says she didn’t do it, Mabel reveals the ‘truth’. It wasn’t Cinda. Alice (Cara Delevigne) killed Bunny to get her hands on her valuable Rose Cooper painting.

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Horrified by being outed, Alice stabs Charles, and he dies while the residents call the police. As Cinda comfort Mabel, the podcaster congratulates her on solving the case, and Poppy becomes irate. As she rants and raves about deserving a podcast unintentionally outing herself as the killer during a sneezing fit.

It turns out that Poppy seduced Detective Kreps, and they devised a plan to commit the perfect murder. Following Poppy’s confession, it’s revealed that the whole party was a trap, and Charles isn’t really dead. As the police arrive to take Poppy away, we see that Kreps has also been arrested.

Only Murders in the Building season 2 ending explained: Charles, Mabel, and Oliver

What will happen in Only Murders in the Building season 3?

As the episode draws to a close, we cut to one year later. Oliver is directing a Broadway play, but his star Ben (Paul Rudd), is complaining about his co-star. As Ben’s about to go on stage, we learn that Charles is his disgruntled colleague, and the two have a small argument right before the play begins.

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As the curtain lifts, Ben goes to speak his first line but collapses, blood pouring from his mouth, shocking the audience, including Mabel. As people rush to help him and an exasperated Mabel says, “You’ve got to be f**king kidding me”, the episode draws to a close.

Only Murders season 1 and 2 are playing now exclusively on the streaming service Disney Plus. Get ready for the next instalment with our breakdown of the Only Murders in the Building season 3. You may also be interested in our interview with the Only Murders in the Building season 2 killer.