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Nicolas Cage doing sequels to two of his best movies

Nicolas Cage is back on top in Tinseltown and is marking his big Hollywood comeback with sequels to two of his best movies ever made

Nicolas Cage in National Treasure

Nicolas Cage, after years of gathering predominantly independent film credits to his name, is making his way back into the live-action big league. Recently the star led the comedy movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and is signed onto the vampire movie Renfield. But along with these exciting career developments – it looks like Cage may be giving fans a blast from the past in the future, too, as sequels for two of his best films are reportedly in the works.

According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Cage “is in various stages of discussions for sequels to such big productions as National Treasure and Face/Off”. A new Face/Off movie was already confirmed to be in the works with Adam Wingard (director of Godzilla vs Kong) helming the production – which would be a direct sequel to the 1997 action movie. While casting hasn’t been fully confirmed, it seems like Cage is keen to reprise his role as Castor Troy, though how that’ll work remains to be seen.

Similarly, National Treasure 3, the latest entry in the beloved adventure movie franchise, is in progress. Cage’s last movie in the National Treasure franchise was in 2007.

Disney Plus is releasing the TV series National Treasure: Edge of History in December 2022 without Cage’s involvement. So, hearing that he will be returning to lead a new movie is a welcomed development after years of speculation.

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Hearing that Cage will be revisiting the two IPs is exciting for every film fan. Stay tuned as we wait on more updates regarding both titles. If you are looking forward to new cinema, here is our guide to 2023 movies that we can’t wait to see.