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Michael Keaton’s Batman in The Flash revealed by Christmas decorations

Warner Bros has been keeping Michael Keaton's appearance in The Flash top secret but that's not stopped a Christmas ornament leaking the new Batsuit

Michael Keaton in Batman 1989

Michael Keaton is set to don Batman’s iconic cape and cowl once again when he appears in The Flash next year. So far, though, we’ve not got a good look at Keaton’s older Dark Knight, and it’s presumed Warner Bros and director Andy Muschietti are holding off showing him until the DC movie’s second trailer.

Well, unfortunately, neither Muschietti nor Warner Bros bet on a company that makes Christmas ornaments leaking Keaton’s new look, but that’s exactly what happened. The Twitter account Flash Film News spotted the ornament in a Target in America and posted pictures of it on social media.

To be honest, the ornament is hardly a revelation. It just looks like Michael Keaton’s Batman, although the Flash logo in the corner does suggest it’s based on his appearance in the new superhero movie and not the old Tim Burton movie.

We’ve known for a while now that the Batsuit in The Flash would be very similar to the one in Batman ’89. During an interview with Jake Hamilton, Keaton said he was surprised at just how normal it felt slipping on his old rubber trousers.

“It was shockingly normal,” the Batman actor laughed. “It was weird. Like I went, ‘Oh, oh yeah, that’s right’. But also then you start to play the scenes, and it was a lot of memories, a lot of interesting sense memories.”

In another interview with Stephen Colbert, Keaton claimed that his new suit is based on the dimensions of the costume he wore in ’89 and that it still fits even after all these years.

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