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Friday the 13th prequel series coming from Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller and A24 are teaming up to bring a Friday the 13th prequel series to Peacock. Details are scarce, but we know it will be called Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th

A24, Peacock and Bryan Fuller are teaming up for a Friday the 13th horror series called Crystal Lake. No plot details are yet known, other than it’s an “expanded prequel” and judging from the title, will be set at Crystal Lake.

Camp Crystal Lake is the setting for the extremely popular franchise. In the first movie, made in 1980, Pamela Vorhees stalks and kills teenagers at the camp as revenge for the drowning of her son Jason. In Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), Jason is revealed to be alive and fully grown. He then goes onto become the main villain for the remainder of the series.

Jason Vorhees is one of several 80s slasher movie villains – along with Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, and Chucky – who have become iconic and endure to this day. The Halloween series has already been revived, as has Child’s Play (in the Chucky television series). Slashers are still an extremely popular sub-genre, and 2022 has seen a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, and a Scream movie. There have also been new takes on the genre, such as Bodies Bodies Bodies, and X/Pearl.

Bryan Fuller is a highly respected television writer, known for the Star Trek series: DS9, Voyager and Discovery, as well as Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, and American Gods. There is still an extremely passionate fanbase for his horror series Hannibal out there, with a vocal group petitioning for another season.

Susan Rovner, chairman of entertainment content for NBCUniversal Television and Streaming says; “We can’t wait to get to work with Bryan Fuller, a gifted, visionary creator who I’ve had the pleasure of being a longtime friend and collaborator, along with our incredible partners at A24, in this updated version for Peacock that will thrill long-standing fans of the franchise.”

Fuller says; “I discovered Friday the 13th in the pages of Famous Monsters magazine when I was 10 years old and I have been thinking about this story ever since. When it comes to horror, A24 raises the bar and pushes the envelope and I’m thrilled to be exploring the camp grounds of Crystal Lake under their banner.”

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